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This publication, called The Hellbender*, is designed to complement A-B Tech’s Art and Literary journal The Rhapsodist by showcasing our college’s finest academic writing across the curriculum. We seek samples of student work, recommended by supervising faculty, in all disciplines—organized into the following categories: ScienceTechnologyEngineeringArts/HumanitiesMath, and Other (STEAMO).

Our interest extends beyond the Arts and Sciences Division, encompassing all programs—anywhere formal academic prose is being written for credit. We aim this first year to publish at least one top-notch student essay/project in each category.  The blog format will allow for rolling submissions and easy access to recent as well as archived posts. In addition, we can display multi-media projects from disciplines that tend to get overlooked. Some sort of contest and/or scholarship may eventually grow out of this effort. For now, please see attached submission form and stay tuned for further information regarding integration of this nascent online publication into the college’s website. Thank you for your interest in supporting our brilliant students.

Whitman Bolles
English Instructor


*The hellbender is a large salamander native to these mountains, an indicator species of clean aquatic environments, and therefore threatened.